...is known world wide as the leader in motorcycle crankshaft and crank component manufacturing. Our excellent reputation and experience has made us successful at manufacturing motorcycle performance for over 35 years. Our Custom Stroke©, Billet Cranks and The Knife® Con Rods win road races in various forms of competition somewhere in the world each day. Falicon Pro Stock Cranks have won almost every NHRA National Pro Stock Motorcycle drag race event for the past five years. We know racing because we go racing.

Crankshafts are a way of life at Falicon; we don't bore cylinders, port heads or spend time on non-crank related efforts. Our focus on crankshafts means our customers will always get the latest and the greatest when it comes to our cranks and crank-related products.

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Drag racers produce more power than any other racers, which will twist a crank or rip a clutch apart. Road Racers and endurance racers run for long periods of time at extremely high revs and build a great deal of heat. Dirt Racers have a very abusive environment subjecting our parts to extreme shock loads, heat and dirt. We like working with racers because they are the best way to test the strength, performance and durability of our products. No form of lab testing matches the real world like racing does. That simply means you get far better parts, capable of handling the loads of real-world high performance engine.


What does Falicon do?

Falicon builds Crankshafts and internal components for high performance engines. We are highly focused on what we do and pride ourselves as being the best in the business.

Why buy Falicon components?

Folks who buy Falicon components want to go fast and keep their motors together. That's why so many Champions use our products. Look at the record books. It’s no secret the Falicon Pro-Stock cranks have won more NHRA Professional Pro-Stock Motorcycle Drag Race events than any other crank. With 30 years of experience - exclusively in the powersports industry - we know what we are doing.

But I’m not a racer. Why would I care about your work with racers?

Drag racers produce more power than any other racers, which will twist a crank or rip a clutch apart. Road Racers and endurance racers run for long periods of time at extremely high revs and build a great deal of heat. Dirt Racers have a very abusive environment subjecting our parts to extreme shock loads, heat and dirt. We like working with racers because they are the best way to test the strength, performance and durability of our products. No form of lab testing matches the real world like racing does. That simply means you get far better parts, capable of handling the loads of real-world high performance engine.

What's wrong with the parts on my bike? Doesn't the manufacturer know best?

Every engineer of every part would love to have a few more bucks in the budget to make his part a little better. But if you add $10 each to 1,000 parts, you add $10,000 to the cost of the motorcycle. The manufacturer is forced to design the best parts they can, while meeting a certain price point. Today’s performance motorcycles are a great bargain with wonderful parts. But when you begin to exceed the design limits, parts break. Street bikes are simply not designed to cope with the stress of modified engines.

When I call your company, sometimes I'm put on hold for a while... how come?

We don't use an answering machine - you will be speaking to a technician who can answer your questions, and it's worth the wait. We assume that when you call us, you want a straight forward, honest answer with no hype. There are not many persons in the country that can give you this type of accurate crank information. We are fortunate to have some of these people as our employees but unfortunately there are more phone calls than there are employees that can give you the accurate answer that you desire. That's why you're put on hold....because we know you want the right answer not just any answer!

Does Falicon bore cylinders, undercut transmissions or offer head porting services?

NOPE.... just crankshafts and crankshaft related products like con rods and clutches. All of our time, effort and engineering is put into cranks, and the things directly connected to cranks. We also pride ourselves in the fact that we manufacture every Falicon-brand product in-house. We do offer a few big bore kits using other companies' pistons and gaskets. Since we stroke the crank, it makes sense for us to offer selected best-of-breed components designed to work with our cranks. We cooperate with the best in the business.

I have a big race this weekend, could I pay you a little more to get my crank done faster?

Sorry, but the answer is no. It is not fair to the customers that have been patiently waiting to get their job completed. At Falicon, jobs are worked on in the order that they are received (assuming they arrived with proper paperwork). Some jobs take less time to complete than others and sometimes one department is busier than another, but at our company it is not the dollar value of the job or the importance of a customer that determines job delivery..... it's just by what date it arrives at our shop.

I read somewhere that the U.S. Suzuki Corporation and Yamaha Motor Corporation USA has chosen Falicon as their motorcycle and ATV crank re-builder for all of the United States, is this true?

Yes, we are proud to say that both U.S. Suzuki Corporation and Yamaha Motor Corporation USA think enough of our crank knowledge that they chose us as the crankshaft people that they recommend. We also work with all of the factory race teams in the preparation of their engines.


What's so special about Falicon Cranks?

It's how we manufacture the crank design, material, and fabrication. We start with quality-certified E4340 steel, which produces the highest possible tensile strength and durability. Then, we double heat-treat the crankshaft before grinding the rod and main journals to size. Finally, we micro finish the bearing surfaces and precision machine the drive gears to exacting tolerances.

If I have my crank lightened, will it shorten it's life?

Not if it's done by us!!! We know when to lighten and when not to lighten. We also know how much material can be safely removed. Lately, we have seen many cases of crank breakage or premature main bearing wear due to crankshafts that should not have been lightened at all or cranks that have just been lightened too much. Besides being the device that transmits combustion explosions into rotating energy, your crank is also a large vibration dampener. If you let just any one lighten your crank, especially if material is removed from your crank's O.D., you are messing with your engines dampening system. Send your crank to Falicon for professional finishing.

Why won't you lighten my crank? It always makes a motorcycle run quicker doesn't it?

Contrary to popular belief, it isn't always wise to get your crankshaft lightened! With 35 years of crank modifying experience behind us we know what your crankshaft needs for it's particular application. Companies that make blank statements saying that a lightened crank will make your bike go faster and decrease crank gyro effects should be avoided. All crankshafts and their applications cannot be lumped together with one generalized statement. The physics of flywheel effect and dampening ability come into play when a crank is being modified. When we manufacture crankshafts we sometimes design them to be even heavier than an OEM crank, so it stands to reason that one should use a crankshaft company that knows when, where, and how much to cut on your crankshaft.

What is the difference between truing and indexing four cylinder press-together cranks?

A crank is trued to insure that it is not running "out of round" or that it is not "bowed" on it's main bearings in relation to each other and to the engine cases. A crank is indexed to insure that each big end pin is the proper degree apart from each other and not twisted out of index. In a GS1100 or KZ/MK/Z1's case, the crank pins are spaced exactly180 degrees apart from one another.

Can a single cylinder crankshaft be balanced? Does it help?

A single cylinder crank is always unbalanced. The balancing operation we perform moves that unbalance (vibration) to an RPM that is either higher or lower than your engine's RPM operating range. We accomplish this by removing or adding weight to the crank in a location that our balancing equipment has told us to do so. Balancing or "moving the unbalance" really helps a single cylinder crank, especially if it is to be used at sustained high speeds. At Falicon, we balance your crank for its intended use and RPM range.

But the XYZ Crankshaft Company says that even if my crank is cracked it will still work!

Yes it will, but since we do not employ any physics, we cannot predict when it will fail and if anyone other than your engine will get hurt in the explosion. Falicon will NOT repair a crankshaft with a crack in it - period.

How come it's taking so long to stroke my OEM insert bearing crank?

When we stroke an OEM crank forging, a crank grinder must be dedicated to the job until the crank is complete. This means that all during the the welding, straightening, cooling, heat treating and re-cooling processes, the grinder that has been set-up for this particular crank sits idle awaiting the grinding operation. Add to this, re-welding of the top of the rod journal pads and a few more straightening operations and this crank grinder is tied up with one job for almost two days! We also run journal repairs between stroking in order to keep from getting behind in that area. Sure corners could be cut and operations could overlap, but... you won't get the quality and straightness that we are known for.

How long does it take to become a "world class" crank builder?

We train a person for two to three years on singles, twins and triples then for another year or two on simple four cylinder jobs. It takes six or seven years before a Falicon crankbuilder is trusted with billet Pro-Stock crank assembly. We have been very fortunate to employ the best crank builders around. All our "World Class" crank craftsmen have been with us for a long time. We do not miss or endorse the skills of any former employees.

I have a "Falicon Crank Question" that I think would be of interest to others. Will you print it here?

Sure, just fax, call or mail us your question and it just might appear in our "Crank Questions" section.


I've been told that my motorcycle clutch basket assembly won't hold up if I increase engine power. Is that true?

OEM clutch baskets are designed for stock horsepower, so this shouldn’t be a surprise. In some cases, the manufacturer will have a design or manufacturing issue. But Falicon can solve these problems. For a high-performance street bike, send us your original or aftermarket clutch basket for modification. We will rebuild it to improve the strength and durability.

What will you do to my stock clutch basket assembly?

We perform a Magnaflux inspection of the primary gear to check for cracks and flaws. It it's OK, we install our Billet Basket with oversize rivets, replace worn/broken components, sometimes add heavy-duty springs, assemble and perform a dynamic balance. In some cases we add a steel backing plate if required.

That sounds like a lot of work. How long does all that take?

We offer one-day turnaround. You can be back on the road or track in a couple of days.

I'm a professional race mechanic. Can I buy the Falicon basket and build my own clutch?

Sure. We sell replacement parts.

My buddy had someone else modify his clutch and it has a loud whine.

Some companies take your part in trade for a clutch build using someone else's parts. Then they rebuild your clutch and sell it to the next guy. Maybe you'll get a good primary gear, but maybe not. Some folks with whining primary gears take advantage of an exchange program to attempt to get a better part than the one they sent in.

We do not do this. We use your parts to build your clutch. If your primary gear whines before you send it to us, it will whine when you get it back. But it is the gear you sent us, not someone else's.

Is there a clutch core charge?

No, there is no clutch core charge. Send us your clutch basket with primary gear - we'll install a new basket.