Falicon Motorcycle THE KNIFE Balanced Two Piece Engine Rod for Yamaha YZF/ R1 06 254-406

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With 36 years of experience, Falicon Racing, Inc. has been known as THE SOURCE for performance products for the powersports industry. Our product line continues to expand and compliment our industry favorite products such as the Knife® connecting rod, billet stroker cranks, billet clutch baskets, adjustable cam sprockets, and much more! Falicon™s status as a major player and contributor to the powersports industry has been the direct result of continuous research and development of technologies, designs and materials. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest in computer controlled equipment, allowing us to keep a watchful eye on our products from start to finish and maintain 100% quality control. The bottom line is, we buy the best manufacturing equipment and maintain strict quality standards so we can supply you with a winning product at a fair price. We have the skill, knowledge and capability to give you a winning edge! We have been successful in all levels of racing competition. Every weekend records are being set with Falicon components. The key to racing domination is simple - be Falicon Equipped!

Fully Machined
Balanced End-to-end
Designed using finite element analysis
Shotpeened for improved fatigue life
Center to center length sizes held to +/- .001"
Ampco Bronze Wrist Pin Bushings
Weight Matched +/- 1 Gram on each end (Two Piece Rods Only)
Oval Beam Design
Lighter and more aerodynamic
Specially designed to withstand high RPM Demands