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Raphael Paula


gs1100 prostock / promod Falicon

Congratulations to Falicon sponsored Exoticycle/ Johny "Turbo" Dobrin for capturing the Real Street Championship at the 2012 Manufacturers Cup. With an ET of 7.881and top speed of 191.57, Johny "Turbo" defeated Jeremy Teasley with his Falicon Knife® Rod equipped bike, after surviving three rounds of elimination.

Falicon Knife® Rod equipped/ sponsored Frankie Stotz, entered the history books by taking his Honda CBR1000RR into the six second zone running a 6.981 elapsed time at the 2012 Manufacturers Cup Pro Street class. He is the second rider to break the six second barrier under the category of worlds "quickest no bar" street bike rider. Way to go Frankie!

Falicon sponsored Blackcat Motorsports/ rider Manny "Taco Man" Carrosquillo dominated the 2012 Manufacturers Cup "Street ET" Saturday event. After fighting off the competition through seven rounds of elimination, Manny defeated Charlie Tyre with an ET of 10.275, and the top speed of 120.62. Blackcat Motorsports of Clearwater Florida, is known for producing the quickest & fastest Vrods, including capturing the 2012 AHDRA "Cajun Nitro Nationals" Progas class with rider Clint Riley, riding with an ET of 8.736, and top speed of 148.35mph.

Congratulations to Falicon sponsored Chris Borich, who clinched the 2011 Ironman GNCC Championship. With one round remaining, Borich won his third consecutive XC1 Pro GNCC Championship after racing his Yoshimura - Falicon Supercrank™ equipped Suzuki QuadRacer R450 to victory in Crawfordsville, IN.

Congratulations to Falicon sponsored Dustin Wimmer for capturing the Pro Class Championship of the 2011 New England ATV-MX series. Wimmer also won the Pro Am championship, after going 2-2 at the final round. Wimmer's 2011 season success is a true testament to Falicon's Supercrank™ Mod and Knife® Rod combination.

Falicon sponsored Chris Borich used a bold, last-second pass aboard his Falicon Supercrank™ equipped Suzuki LTR450 to take a thrilling win at 2011 Unadilla ATV GNCC. Borich now leads the XC1 series chase by 36 points.
ATV XC1 Champion Borich got off to a mid-pack start, but moved into contention for the lead at the halfway mark of the race. On the final lap, Borich found himself in third place but soon passed for second. With less than a half mile to go in the race, Borich put the power down on his Falicon Supercrank™ equipped LTR450 and made a daring pass, jumping one of Unadilla’s huge motocross jumps to take the lead. At the finish, Borich took the checkers with just about two seconds to spare over second place. This marks Borich’s fifth win of the season.


Falicon Billet Stroker Crank

Falicon billet clutch basket

Falicon h-beam connecting rods

Falicon GS1100 / GS1150

Falicon sponsored Dustin Wimmer came out 1-1! In Pro-Moto one, Dustin finished second to Josh Creamer with the two leaving the rest of the Pro lass behind with over a 10 second lead. In the first Pro-Am moto, things heated up with Josh and Dustin within a second of each other for most of the moto. Dustin had to settle for second place.

In Pro-Class Moto 2, the track was the roughest anybody had seen. Josh took the hole shot and Dustin followed with a bumper to bumper battle. Just after the half way point, Dustin grabbed the lead and pulled a solid four second lead to take the win. Moto 2 of the Pro-Am was a repeat, with Dustin taking charge past the half way to pull a four second lead to the checker.

After finishing round 7, Dustin is still in the points lead in both Pro and Pro-Am classes.

Dustin Wimmer - Falicon

Falicon Crankshafts proudly announces the release of our
Gen II SUZUKI Quad Racer LTR- 450 & KAWASAKI KFX-450R Knife® Rod

The new Gen II Falicon Knife® Rod features the same aerodynamic shape that Falicon rods are known for, while increasing the strength from design changes developed during our work with national level race teams.

Nothing tests the durability of engine components like professional racing; with this in mind Falicon has developed the strongest connecting rod for the LTR-450 and KFX-450R to date. Working with top level race teams helps us develop better parts capable of handling the extreme shock loads and punishing heat. Whether you’re a weekend racer or a pro at the top of your game, upgrade your crank with the latest design in connecting rod technology.

Press-together crank services available through Falicon:
Supercrank™, Stroking, Dynamic Balancing, True & Weld, Rebuilds, Performance Coatings

Gen II Knife® Rod – Top Row / Suzuki LTR-450 OEM Rod – Bottom Row


Congratulations to Falicon sponsored Dustin Wimmer for sweeping the season opener of the 2011 NEATV - MX Series. Wimmer went 1-1 in both Pro and Pro Am for the overall victory in both classes, and took the holeshot in three of the four motos. Wimmer's success over the last four years is a true testament to Falicon's Supercrank™ Mod and Knife® Rod.
NEATV 2011 Dustin Wimmer - Falicon Cranks

GS1100 Billet Stroker Cranks

Congratulations to Falicon Sponsored Stotz Racing Father & Son Duo; New record set and Frankie's 1st National Win!

Thanks to the 2011 Manufacturers Cup with Orient Express sponsoring the ProStreet class, the fans were treated to another spectacular race. Stotz Racing battled a fuel pressure issue in the beginning, but by the first round of qualifing they went a 7.14 ET and stayed number one all weekend to earn the Dunnigan Racing #1 Qualifier bonus. After 7 test passes and 3 qualifiers, the motor leak down was good and showed no signs of wear in the oil. Sunday eliminations set their Falicon Crank & Knife Rod equipped CBR1000 on kill to set the new National record at 7.105. Watch the video here

Frankie Stotz - Falicon Cranks Stotz Racing - Falicon Cranks

 OMW has done it again! With his Falicon powered DS-650, the King of the Hill at Four Stroke Wars 2011 reigns supreme.

With over 35 years in motorcycle crankshaft and crank component manufacturing, our excellent reputation and experience has allowed us to expand beyond our core business. Over the last year, we have exclusively built stroker cranks for Xmetalworks, the owners of world-renowned Team X-Scream. All of their PWC XS1000 use a custom +10mm Falicon billet stroker crank. This engine delivers extreme power with unmatched reliability for the enthusiast or pro rider that demands the absolute best. For Team X-Scream tuning recommendations and support click here.

Team X-Scream / X- Metalworks Team X-Scream / X- Metalworks


Falicon has been named as the exclusive supplier of crankshafts for the new Norton Commando. With already over 200 cranks delivered, the legendary British motorcycle manufacturer is currently taking orders for three separate models: 961 Commando SE, 961 Commando Café Racer, and the 961 Commando Sport. All new Norton Commando motorcycles come equipped from the factory with Falicon Knife rods and Falicon billet crankshafts.

Norton - Falicon Norton - Falicon


Falicon would also like to remind enthusiasts of vintage Norton and Triumph bikes that we manufacture the highest quality performance crankshafts for select models of these legendary motorcycles. These cranks, and a huge selection of other vintage British bike parts, are available exclusively from the British bike experts at M.A.P. Their phone number is 1-800-875-BRIT and their website is www.mapcycle.com



On October 24, 2010, Falicon sponsored "Wild" Bill Warner set a new world record of 278.6 mph at the Texas Mile! Bill went
255.1 mph on Friday October 22nd, 270.7 mph on Saturday, and then finally 278.6 mph on Sunday. Bill was only able to run once or twice a day due to the fierce crosswinds that ranged from 10-25 mph. Way to go Bill!

Continuing our passion for racing, Falicon partnered with Lacey Power Sport, Inc., who chose to build their own full out drag ski to compete for the "World Speed Record. ” As an established business out of NJ since 2000, they provide a full in-house machine shop that specializes in motor rebuilds, cylinder modifications, high performance installs, and related machine work.

LPS took their turbo knowledge from street racing and applied it to a Sea Doo 4-tec engine producing well over 500hp without any power adders to enhance it. LPS used Falicon’s Supercrank™ modification services to lighten and balance the crank specifically intended for this high RPM’s and high horsepower engine. Currently the jet ski will run 105mph with only 26 pounds of boost and soon will be running 35 pounds of boost. These builds are exclusively available through Lacey Power Sport, Inc. For more information call Chris Caputo @ 609.693.8485 or click here to visit their site.

Are you looking for that perfectly custom built racing engine for your Rotax DS 650? If so, you're in the right place. Oldham Machine Works partnered with Falicon to produce the most powerful and reliable stroker/ big more motor on the market. Strong, lightweight and capable of making huge power, the DS 650 makes a great dune/trail engine or all out drag race/hill shooter with this set-up.

Falicon developed a +5mm (**770cc), +8mm (**800cc), and a +10mm (**815cc) stroker crank specifically for OMW. A complete package kit is offered through OMW that includes: necessary case modifications, head porting with upgraded components, stroker crank, three different race cams to choose from, and big bore cylinder/ piston kit. We wanted to know how big we could go, and after much development and testing, a 100mm stroker was designed. That's a +17mm stroker! Combined with a 108mm bore, this DS 650 produces 916cc's! Yes, 916cc's! Below are two dyno charts. One shows peak horsepower and the other shows peak torque. ** Displacement calculated with 105.5mm bore.


OMW Racing


OMW Racing





In developing the largest stroker crank for the Can-AM DS 450 quad, Falicon partnered with Eric Oldham at Oldham Machine Works. We pushed the envelope by stroking the oem crankshaft +8mm (68.8mm overall stroke), balanced to a 14:1 high compression stroker piston. This creates a whopping 508.4cc's with a stock bore set-up; up your displacement to 529.6cc's with a 99mm bore!

This set-up is exclusively offered through OMW. Kit package includes: Bee-Hive spring kit, billet intake race cam, head porting, Falicon stroker crank with Knife® Rod (customer must supply crank core), 14:1 stroker piston, including a power commander map for this combo. Currently a +10mm (70.8mm overall stroke) crank is in testing. This combo will produce 523.2cc’s with stock bore configuration, and a monstrous 545cc’s with a 99mm bore! Click here for contact info.


OMW Racing


OMW Racing

FSA Racing out of Clovis, CA, now offers a YFZ-585, and a TRX650. These are both 450cc engines that have been modified to the max! The YFZ-585 is a complete kit with a Falicon 74mm stroker crank that has been averaging 76hp with 49 ft. lbs of torque on a very conservative dyno.

The TRX650 has the longest stroker crank ever built by Falicon (or anyone for that matter) for this motor. The TRX650 is equipped with 78mm stroker crank with a long Knife® Rod, 15.1:1 custom CP Piston, and tons of upgrades. This motor has plenty of additional potential, and has laid down 81hp and 52 ft. lbs of torque as of now. These builds are exclusive through FSA Racing who specializes in high displacement motors. For more information contact Tom @ 559.647.8347 or via email: tom@fourstrokeassociation.com
Dyno results coming soon!



Congratulations to Falicon sponsored Josh Creamer and his Suzuki QuadRacer R450. Creamer won six races in 2010, making his first year on the Rockstar Makita Suzuki team his championship year. Falicon sponsored Dustin Wimmer, the AMA ATV Motocross champion in 2008 and 2009, came in second for the season behind his teammate. Wimmer claimed one overall victory this year aboard his QuadRacer R450 and multiple podium finishes, including his second-place finish at the Loretta Lynn finale.

Yoshimura Racing

Claiming the title of “World’s Fastest Streetbike,” Falicon sponsored Bill Warner rode into the record books at the East Coast Timing Association’s Maxton Mile on April 11, 2010 with an astounding 272.340 mph pass in the standing mile. Click here for article.

Bill Werner Wild Bros.

xxxxCongratulations to Falicon equipped Team Rockstar / Makita / Suzuki / Yoshimura's Dustin Wimmer for clinching the 2009 ITP/Moose Racing AMA ATV Motocross Championship.

Dustin Wimmer Falicon

Velocity Racing


American Suzuki Motor Corporation, Yoshimura Racing, and the Rockstar Makita Suzuki Factory Team chose Falicon (again) for independent analysis in response to AMA's DQ of Mat Mladin in the August Superbike event. Click here for article.

Congratulations to AMA Dragbike 2008 Pro Street winner Mike Slowe (Velocity Racing) and Super Street winner Nick Mazeika (Exoticycle). Both riders are Falicon Knife® Rod equipped.





J.R. SCHNABELJ.R. Schnabel























billet crankshafts


Our best crankshaft. Forged from alloy steel and knife edged for performance, Falicon Billet Steel Crankshafts have become the standard in the racing world. We offer billet cranks for select superbikes and select off-road applications. We start with quality-certified E4340 steel, which produces the highest possible tensile strength and durability. Then, we double heat-treat the crankshaft before grinding the rod and main journals to size. Finally, we micro-finish the bearing surfaces and precision machine the drive gears to exacting tolerances.


Knife Rods


designed for plane-bearing cranks, and come complete with premium ARP bolts. Our bolts are custom AGE 625+ rated at 280,000 PSI - one of the highest ratings in the industry.

Falicon 2-Piece Knife Rods feature:

* Specially designed for High RPM, High Horsepower engines
* Forged Alloy Aircraft Steel
* 100% Machined
* Ampco Bronze Bushing in small end
* OEM and Custom Lengths available
* Available in "Bolts-Down" design for increased crankcase clearance.


H-Beam connecting rods


In addition to the Knife® Rod product line, Falicon now offers the most durable, yet economical "H-Beam" connecting rods to date!

Falicon 2-Piece H-Beam Rods feature:

* Specially designed for High RPM, High Horsepower engines
* Forged Alloy Aircraft Steel
* 100% Machined
* Ampco Bronze Bushing in small end
* Uses custom AGE +625 ARP Premium Bolts
* Redesigned bottom end for superior performance


connecting rods


designed for press-together roller-bearing cranks.

Unlike our competitor's connecting rods, ours do not have a pressed-in bearing race that will move or crack under load. They are specially designed to withstand the demands of high-RPM performance-modified cranks.

Falicon 1-Piece Knife Rods feature:

* Integral hardened and ground bearing race
* Specially designed for High RPM, High Horsepower engines
* Forged Alloy Aircraft Steel
* 100% Machined
* Ampco Bronze Bushing in small end
* OEM and Custom Lengths available


billet clutch baskets


OEM clutches are designed for stock horsepower, so it is not unusual to see the clutch basket fail in a modified motor. Don't ruin your motor - we have the solution to your problem. Our High-Performance Clutch Basket is constructed of aircraft-quality billet aluminum alloy with a much stronger design than stock. Our clutches have been proven by drag racers and road racers all around the world.

Send us your clutch basket/primary gear assembly. We remove the primary gear and perform a Magnaflux inspection to check for cracks and flaws. We install our Billet Basket with oversize rivets, replace worn/broken components, assemble and perform a dynamic balance. In some cases we add a steel backing plate and/or heavy duty springs if required.


adjustable cam sprockets


It is a known fact that "free" horsepower can be found just by slightly adjusting the timing position (degreeing) of your camshafts. This adjustment allows you to advance or retard cam timing for your specific application in order to get the most from the power characteristics.

Many late model engines have non-adjustable cam sprockets, usually set for what the manufacturer considers to be "good overall" timing. Falicon Adjustable Cam Sprockets allow you to change the cam timing to tailor the power to suit your riding style or application.

Falicon sprockets are the most precise and durable in the industry. Don't ruin your engine with a cheap imitation- trust nothing less than the

For some applications, we provide Sprocket Adapters that will give you the ability to adjust stock sprockets. Falicon Sprocket adapters press onto the cam end to transform it into an adjustable cam sprocket.


big bore


Our Big Bore/Stroker kits are winning races and championships all over the world. These kits improve the horsepower, mid-range and overall powerband. Our test riders and pro racers report increased power that's easier to control, allowing them to get on the power earlier when exiting corners. This increases straightaway speed and lowers lap times, while reducing rider fatigue.

We offer billet stroker cranks, modified OEM stroker cranks, big bore cylinders and modifications, as well as complete kits for several models.


Please note: If you don't know how to build and properly tune a race engine, including the installation of a crankshaft, we suggest you contact a professional engine builder or your dealer.

This is not rocket science, but you do need to realize that improper installation or tuning can ruin your engine.


Falicon tools

cylinder spacers base gaskets


Professionals need the right tools to properly build an engine. Falicon offers a few hard-to-find items to assist you in building, checking and maintaining your high-performance engine.

The picture on the right is our Rod Bold Stretch Gage. This is the tool of choice for installing your rod bolts.

When installing Rod Bolts, it is important to use a Rod Bolt Stretch Gauge to get the proper clamping pressure. A torque wrench will NOT do a good job in this application, since the clamping pressure varies too much due to thread lubricant, thread condition and other factors. Improper installation will generally lead to bolt failure, and will usually destroy the engine. Don't take a chance with your engine - use the proper tools and methods and you'll be much happier in the long run.




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Due to the nature of performance racing products, Falicon Crankshaft Components, Inc. products are sold without any express warranty or any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a specific purpose. Falicon Crankshaft Components, Inc. shall not, under any circumstances, be liable for any special, incidental, or consequential damages, including but not limited to, damage or loss of profits or revenue, cost of purchased or replacement goods, or claims of customers of the purchaser, which may arise and or result from sale, install or use of this part. This part for racing use only, not intended for street use. Installation of the part could void vehicle manufacturer's warranty.


1. Back orders cancelled after 30 days.

2. All consented returns subject to 20% minimum restocking fees.

3. Merchandise will be invoiced at price prevailing at the time of shipment.

4. Shortages must be reported within 10 days.

5. All parts and services are designed to increase performance and speed consequently there is no warranty expressed or implied.

6. We will not be held responsible for damage caused by O.E.M. replacement parts that have failed.

7. Non- active jobs will be scrapped after 30 days. This does not include jobs waiting for parts or jobs awaiting our services.

8. All replaced parts will be scrapped unless your work order specifies we return them.NOTE: The use of these products is purely at the sole discretion of the buyer.


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